The SSNEAKS project was born from the passion of a group of sneakerheads, unfulfilled with the quality of traditional stores. Any sneaker store available on the market is self-referential.
The authenticity of the product is "guaranteed" by the same store that has an interest in selling the product itself. We at SSNEAKS have another vision. The product must be certified by an independent and certified third party (LegitPro), in order to support the fight against the counterfeit market.


  1. Product purchase through raffles, private individuals or specialized retailers. Exclusively unworn products.

  2. Identification of the standard market price in order to establish a stable and contained price to buyers.

  3. Once the product has been received, it is sent to be subjected to a Legit Check

  4. Once the certified product has been received in our warehouse, it is packaged and sent to the final consumer free of charge.